La Revancha Music Band

About Us


What does the name of our band mean? La Revancha ("The Rematch" in Spanish), is an opportunity for self re-creation and self proclamation daily. Anything that was left undone, anything that was an issue, any missed opportunity, any opportunity to grow... that is La Revancha. A daily positive rematch with life to complete any circle needed to be be free, to be able to be present to face the now, to live life in a full way.   

La Revancha has two original song albums, Locura (2002) and El Zarape (2004). Up until then Leonardo Ruiz was the song writer, rhythm guitar player, and singer. A number of amazing people collaborated with band performances in multiple venues, festivals and events.

In 2018 Renata De La Peña (singer, keyboard/ percussionist player) joins Leonardo Ruiz in the band. And in 2019, fifteen years after last La Revancha's recording, and many "life" revanchas after last album, La Revancha releases "5 To Go / 5 Pa' Llevar". A 5 song tribute to some of the songs and artists we love, La Revancha style!

In the  "5 To Go / 5 Pa' Llevar" album, La Revancha features internationally acclaimed Flamenco Dancer, Liliana Ruiz, that performs her flamenco zapateado, claps & castanets in "One", and "Hotel California".

La Revancha thanks all the wonderful musicians that have been part of this journey, and specially our producer Fabrizio Grossi for his loving, dedicated and talented work in all of the albums.